Wisdom Scooters Street Team Rider

  • Kynan Eversham - Queensland, AUS

    Team Role: Marketing     Nickname: Ky
    Wisdom Scooters Street Team rider Kynan Eversham

    How and why did you start scootering: The whole scootering thing started when I was in grade 7 and you would either ride a skateboard or a scooter and I knew skating was hard so I thought maybe I could try to start riding scooters. The only scooter I had at the time was a really old MGP complete that had short bars and weren’t wide at all and I learned a 180 on it. I knew I would need a good scooter to keep progressing so I started researching and thought maybe I should get a Lucky complete because I used to love Lucky scooters. One day I did cross country at school and got 4th place, a couple months later I had to go to districts for it. My Dad knew I really wanted a Lucky scooter and said that if I finished in the top 3 at districts he would buy me that neochrome Lucky I had always wanted. At the end I got 3rd place and then I got my new scooter and have been scootering since.

    What band do you like to listen to before you ride: I never really listen to music before I ride but if I did I would listen to some of my favotite rap music.

    If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would it be with: I would really love to ride at both SFC Jericho Skatepark and Clairemont Skatepark with Raymond Warner because I love watching him ride and would love for him to teach me some new tricks. Just being able to hang out with him would be a dream come true.

    What do you do when you are not scootering: I am usually just inside texting friends, playing video games, editing youtube videos for my channel and doing assignments for school.

    Do you have any hidden talents: I can play guitar pretty well and I guess I can say I am a decent long distance runner.

    What is the most important thing we should know about you: I love riding scooters and one day I hope to make it to the pros. I also love making youtube videos for all of my subscribers to watch.

    Words to live by: Follow your dreams and don’t let anybody stop you.

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